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It was a cold rainny day when I first came to your dealership on 02/03/2014. Therefore no salespeople were standing outside waiting. In about nine seconds after I entered the through the frontdoor David approached me and introduced himself. He seemed very professional, courteous and listened to my entire statement before interrupting, steering or making suggestions. Yes, David did make me feel important. However, the color and type of truck that I wanted your dealership didn't have in stock, but David quickly noted that he could find exactly the vehicle that I want at the very best price and I believed him. The next day David went somewhere and got the exact truck that I wanted. I was impressed with eagerness to serve me. Eventhough I had my own financing already pre-approved David did not become upset. After we agreed on the price he chauffeured me over to your insurance, clerks and closings department where they too were very professional and polite. Since it was raining on the day I took possession of the vehicle David has agreed to rewash the truck whenever I return for my tags. There is only one unresolved matter that I need to mention, GMC has been advertising on tv that anyone who purchases a new Sierra Truck during the month of February would receive two years of scheduled maintenance for free, that non negotiated item was not given to me. I've already contacted David and it's possible that he has already taken care of it and he just hasn't had a chance to fax or email me back. If not please look into it for me, because I would very much like to give GMC a 100% exellent rating on their official customer survey concerning your dealership . Thank you for wanting my opinion Calvin


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If you are looking for Volkswagens on the North side of Houston, TX, then you are looking for DeMontrond Volkswagen. We are your one stop shop in Houston for all things Volkswagen. If you need a new Volkswagen, then we can find the perfect fit for you. If you are looking for something used, then we have something that will interest you. If that Volkswagen of yours needs service to keep it running long and like new, then our friendly service technicians can help you out. We know that there is a perfect Volkswagen out there for you, but we are not here to force you into anything. This is a Volkswagen facility, and in a Volkswagen facility there is never any pressure. It doesn’t matter if Volkswagen has been a part of your lifestyle for years, or if you are still looking for your first Volkswagen fix, we can help you. Inside every person is a Volkswagen person waiting to come out. You will not find a better place to buy a Volkswagen within a hundred miles, so if you are in Houston or the Houston area, then you need to stop by and see DeMontrond Volkswagen.

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Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection*

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  • C.V. Joint Boots
  • Exhaust System
  • Fluid Levels
  • V-belts
  • Exterior Lights
  • Ball-Joints and Tie Rods
  • Tire Wear and Air Pressure
  • Cooling System and Hoses

*See your Volkswagen Dealer for details

See your Volkswagen Dealer for details.

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