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As a Volkswagen owner, there's most likely the desire to realize that branded sense of longevity. It's not uncommon for a VW to earn well past 100,000-miles. Though, getting a VW model to that plateau is frequent and constant upkeep of vital systems and parts.

To satisfy client curiosity on the subject, the easiest of service procedures helps to ensure VW-minted endurance - that is a simple oil change.

At DeMontrond Volkswagen of Houston, we're happy to answer the most common of client questions regarding oil changes near The Woodlands.

When should I have the oil changed in my VW Atlas?

Governing the "when" of oil changes are two parameters.

You can wait for factory-suggested mileage milestones that delineate the need of an oil change. Though, it's most likely personal driving habits bear more of an indication. This may be noted in oil that's dark in color when inspected.

At best, a VW oil change should be performed at the start of each new season outside Spring. This helps to ensure oil doesn't become degraded enough to harm the engine.

Why should I have the oil changed?

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your VW engine. And without a properly running engine, any vehicle won't move all that far past Atascocita. It's that simple.

So, to ensure all the internal parts comprising your VW engine are properly lubricated, fresh oil is a must. Any hint of contamination or degradation might prove damaging to engine parts. Affected will be performance and fuel economy as a result.

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How can I get an oil change near Tomball?

In the past, oil changes may have been left ignored given daily routines and obligations. After all, the perfect time to visit a quick-lube shop could have been eclipsed by afterschool activities or afternoon playdates. As such, clients may schedule a date and time convenient via our online service schedule page. Accessed by laptop, desktop or smartphone, you may secure your oil-change appointment without delay.

You may also call our VW service department and set up an appointment with one of our service professionals. Then, simply bring in your VW Passat. And while the procedure is performed, you'll wait within a comfortable lounge area replete with necessary amenities.

Are there any specials related to oil changes?

As a neighborhood dealership, we want our clients to save cash on the service and maintenance procedures deemed essential to VW performance and safety alike. And one way of ensuring this are the cost-saving service specials advertised.

When making your oil change appointment online or by calling, you may toggle over to our dedicated special page. Here, you'll be able to view all current service specials and the discounts applied to each.

And given the breadth of our specials, you might be inspired to have your tires rotated, wheel alignment checked or brake system inspected. Most procedures are performed while you wait and could very well be timed to your oil-change regimen.

What are the added benefits of an oil change at DeMontrond Volkswagen?

Aside from the requirement of fresh oil for parts' lubrication, added benefits of an oil change likely encompass a multipoint inspection of vital systems and parts comprising.

This effort performed on your behalf seeks to identify issues before they become more costly problems down the road. Should something be amiss, you'll be consulted appropriately for quick remediation.

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